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Culinary fun and meals for kids right out of the box

Kitchen Safety

Wash hands thoroughly before food prep and especially after handling raw proteins.


Clean counters and tools after preparing raw proteins to avoid cross contamination.


Rinse fruits and vegetables before eating.


Do not touch hot surfaces or cooking tools.


Always hold the cool handle of a pot or pan when stirring.


Take precautions with hot water, steam, and reductions.


An adult should always do knife cutting.  Kids can have the opportunity to do some exciting cutting with dough cutters, pasta rollers, and other similar acrylic tools.

Please note:  Your use of this product shall be acceptance of our terms and conditions.  You acknowledge the inherent risks of cooking. Chefie Kit and The Cookery Project shall be held harmless from any liability arising out of engagement of any activities pursuant to cooking or use of materials and instructions distributed by Chefie.

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