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Culinary fun and meals for kids right out of the box

The Cookery, a culinary school, started in the Summer of 2014 as a sole proprietorship by a working mother who bonded for years over Sunday dinner prep with her daughter.  She identified a need for a culinary program and food literacy for children and adolescents in her community.  Summer cooking camps evolved into after school cooking classes for children ages 6 and up.

A couple years later, The Cookery was approached by a local museum's Child Activity Director to be a part of their redefining the arts to included culinary arts.  Subsequently, we began offering culinary arts as a life skill for adolescents at a community orphanage that are transitioning to living on their own, and the 501c3 charity, The Cookery Project was born.  We’ve had the honor of working with our county's foster care programs to offer summer camps and food literacy classes for children in foster care, and we’ve been invited to host food prep classes for local child advocacy nonprofits as well as schools with more than 40% enrollment of low income families.


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